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An ongoing series of informational entries

Life Expectancy

Pet’s old age needn’t be an ordeal. Aging can be the pits for pets, or they can sail through it. It’s up to us. Remember, as we reach senior status, we decide what goes in our stomachs and whether to join a gym or just vegetate. The only decisions our pets have is to balk at what we feed them; otherwise they are totally dependent on us. That may be stating the obvious, but it’s to emphasize the commitment to our pets, which intensifies as our pets age. Dogs can enjoy active and healthy lifestyles well into advanced years, with proper exercise, proactive veterinary care and a diet formulated for their unique nutritional needs. Age 7 or 8 is when dogs reach their golden years earlier for very large breeds.

Health Issues

Dogs have always been prone to arthritis, but there wasn’t much to alleviate symptoms until January-1987, when Pifzer Animal Health launched Rimadyl, an oral non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug that curtails arthritic pain. Before administering any medication, it is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis. Other concerns for aging; dogs are subject to cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, liver, thyroid and kidney diseases. watch for a sudden increase in water intake and a correspondingly large volume of urine, decreased appetite, weight loss, lethargy and vomiting. Many of these symptoms manifest in other diseases. Don’t guess. Consult a vet. When caught early, there are effective treatments. And don’t panic if cancer is diagnosed. Dogs seem to tolerate chemotherapy better than humans. To do list: When pets reach age 7, continue daily moderate exercise for fitness; schedule annual veterinary check-ups; routinely check for lumps and bumps; most are benign but don’t take a chance; have your vet clean the teeth periodically; gum disease can cause internal diseases; change to a senior diet.

Nu Vet Labs

Launched a full-line discount pet store with over 16,000 products!!! Hundreds of Brand name items offered at discount prices. THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL PET STORE!!!! Shop the convenient way for your pet supplies ONLINE!!! Nu Vet Plus and breeding. Most breeders who are using this supplement on their females find that they have larger and healthier litters. It has also been reported to us that the mothers are recovering much faster after whelping and their coats stay as beautiful as ever. Puppies whose mothers have been on Nu Vet Plus also benefit, as they get a dose of the vitamins and herbs through their mother’s milk. In addition, Nu Vet has helped the females with the natural cleansing process after giving birth. Breeders, who previously had to use Oxytocin after each litter, find that it is no longer necessary. The newest product Nu Joint Plus is a long-term anti-inflammatory hip and joint therapy that should be given to your companion pet daily. The ingredients present a front line defense against any future damage and it will help to quickly and effectively reverse and heal the devastating effects of OSTEORATHITIS.

Helping Your Pet To Good Health

Free Radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that bombard each cell membrane in the body more than 10,000 times a day. The cell membrane then becomes weak from the free radicals striking them, causing the cell to mutate or die. This process has been proven to cause disease and premature aging in animals and man. Free radicals have implicated in more than fifty major diseases including, skin problems, allergies, digestive and reproductive problems, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular problems, low energy, and stress.


Animal and human bodies create a defense system against free radicals by manufacturing antioxidants. The trouble is that there are more free radicals being produced than the natural antioxidants can handle, and the result is the body is overwhelmed. This is where NuVet Plus will boost the animal’s natural defenses, the immune system, as well as fill a nutritional void sometimes evident through insufficient foods, which will lead to less diseases and premature death.

Evening Primose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is a great source of essential fatty acids, which are necessary for the body’s overall health. Many people are familiar with these fatty acids in the form of OMEGA 3 & 6 fish oil capsules. EFA’s are found in every single cell in the animal & human body. The main function of the EFA is to carry out the basic functions that sustain life. Their primary roles are: provide energy, maintain body temperature, insulate nerves, and to cushion and protect body tissues. Most essential fatty acids are not produced by the body, so they must be obtained through the diet. Animal studies at the University of Pennsylvania have shown EFA prevent arthritis and studies in Sweden are showing the ability to destroy free radicals.

Pine Bark

Pine Bark is one of the special ingredients in NuVet Plus that is not commonly heard of, however the medicinal uses of this plant are numerous. For hundreds of years American Indians have known of the beneficial uses of Pine Bark for curing all sorts of ailments, such as: arthritis, bruises, gum disease, ulcers and other vascular problems. It has tremendous results in treating allergies. In our companion pets, Pine Bark has proven effective in helping to slow down the aging process. To order NuVet Plus, call 1-800-474-7044, order code 56221

Poisonous Mushrooms

This is the time of year to watch your yard for mushrooms! They pop up overnight and should your pet ingest one it could be deadly. Here’s some symptoms that indicate you have a problem…. dilated, fixed pupils, depressed respiration and heart rate, sub-normal body temperature, and a decreased blood glucose. If you see your dog eat a mushroom induce vomiting immediately. Use a tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide and get it out of your dogs system. It could save its life. One of the most common and deadly fungi is called “Destroying Angel (amanita virosa). It thrives on roots of Oak trees and any found in that area should be suspect. Characteristics: all white, white top, stem and gills. Has a crumbly texture, very fragile. Mature mushrooms have a flat, round top that is 2 to 3 wide and 2 to 4 tall. Immature mushrooms (still deadly) have more of a "ball" appearance to the cap. A 3 x 3 mushroom can kill an adult.

Pen Hip Info...

This information was presented at the 2000 Veterinary Orthopedic Society meeting. A survey of 260 dogs radio-graphed at Pennsylvania for a Penn Hip score. The results were also submitted to OFA for the score showed the following:

53% of OFA Excellent were looser than 0.3 DI

77% of OFA Goods were looser than 0.3 DI. The loosest good had a DI of 0.77

93% of OFA Fair were looser than 0.3 DI

I will leave to all of you to draw what conclusions you may, as I would consider this open to interpretation. Penn Hip’s point was to acknowledge the discrepancies in the results and the disappointment breeders may have at the differences. Penn Hip wished to remind us: (Penn Hip certified vets), to remind our clients of the greater usefulness of DI over OFA ratings in selecting breeding stock. “The uniformly higher values of inheritability of DI indicates that a DI is a better predictor of genotype then that of OFA. Lisa Kaylene Powell, DVM

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